…and he encouraged himself in the Lord his God

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The snow days always filled him with awe. He never understood how white flakes fell from the sky so quietly and so peacefully. Growing up in Port-Harcourt, it was always a slight variation of the same breeze that caressed your face- thick with humidity in the rainy season, dry and aggressive in the harmattan. But here in America, one needed two entirely different wardrobes for summer and winter.

But today was not the day to think of Port-Harcourt and become homesick. It was a day to admire the snow and the maker of the snow! His love for the Maker of the Snow was long coming as he had grown up in a Christian household, although he was not quite sure when the Holy Ghost fire caught his mother, and she began to spend night after night in vigil.

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Let’s Talk: Dark skin girl

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Do you love yours?

There are so many things that I want to do that I haven’t done, and this piece is my first attempt at one.

Transcript: Dark skin girl

Dark skin girl living in a light skin world

Deception in perception because her story’s never heard

Dark skin girl meets good looking, dark skin, nice hair with a big you know mind

Summoning her confidence because she’s looking rather fine

She hollas at him, but wait, listen to his reply,

You’re cute, let’s be friends I think you’re pretty fly, but

You see your lightskin friend she’s about to be mine

And just like that  she’s darkskin girl living in a light skin world

But nutella has always been the world’s favorite spread right?

No its probably butter?

I’m just playing

Anyway, dark skin girl meets charming guy

Who doesn’t respect her enough to realise that she’s fly

She’s like…

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Crochet Braids & More- The Kink and I Salon Is Open For Business!!

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Hey guys!

How’s it going on this beautiful Tuesday? *resists the urge to make that joke about the club going up* AB here! :)

My experience with crochet braids was just with kinky braiding hair. I say “was” because the ministry is moving forward. Crochet braids are a painless, very convenient way to put in extensions and this month, I got the chance to style curly extensions with the crochet braiding method, twice.

Here in Nigeria, we can flex with braids and twists as often as we want (God sparing our edges) because it’s like what, 3k to get your hair done. 3k is not money to be thrown away, but when you think about our sisters in the diaspora paying $120 to do Havana twists, you’d admit that we have it really good. One of the perks of living at home. :) $120 at the present street rate is…

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A lifelong Friendship of Love and Loyalty

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I understand that this is a difficult time for us. School is getting more stressful, we’re trying to beat that incline on the treadmill, and we’re lifting more weights by the day. On top of that, I don’t always feed you as I should. I don’t always get as much sleep as I should. I don’t even do all the little things I should do, like give you a thorough wash as often as I should- I dash into the shower, and just when you’re soaking up the warmth and finally relaxing, I have to rush out. We’re surviving though, because you tell me in very gentle ways how to care for you. We probably would be in a much worse situation if not for your unrelenting signals.

I want you to know that I love you, even when I eat too much junk food that I know is…

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Christians and Beyoncé

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I’m more than one hundred percent sure that the title of this post enticed your interest and brought you here. That’s good. Now, I’ve bit my tongue for a very long time concerning Beyoncé and other big performers and musicians in the industry for several reasons. I won’t highlight all of those reasons today, however, I will let you all know why I’ve held off for so long even commenting on certain artists. The reason is that before, my motive in even commenting on people like Beyoncé, Kanye West, and others, was to prove a point to those who didn’t seem to “get it”. However, today, that is not my intent. I am only writing this because I felt led by The Lord to. After watching last night’s VMAs show, it was like The Lord told me, “Ayanna, you’re in a good place. It’s time.”

So, without further ado, let’s…

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Growing Up!


totes relate!

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This is a deja vous or something haha.  Last week I had just finished Arrow and was so confused a s to what to do with my life so I started this blog lmao. This week I just finished Game Of Thrones. Spoiler Alert. Why did Rob Stark have to die??? Khaleesi is the best… Haha I’m such a story man. I’ll talk more on series later.

Back to the point, yesterday was my birthday and it was nothing special. Not that I mind haha. I wasn’t bothered to convince my parents to let me go clubbing in Lagos because I don’t think that’s happening. Haha I didn’t feel like having a dinner because the venue would have been in the mainland and island guys don’t care haha exceot it’s for woman lol jk. Anyways the point was that I didn’t want to do anything. Some cousins and friends came…

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Where is my reply?

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I’ve been hit with a lightening bolt of wisdom that far exceeds my years. Allow me to enlighten you as you awe at this statement. “Some friendships are like a love-hate relationship between a student and social media during finals week.” Not quite profound, is it? I apologize.

Social media: Why have you abandoned me so?

Student: My darling, my pet, I haven’t, how dare I though?

Social media: But you don’t interact with me anymore, my notifications and reminders, you ignore.

Student: I’m sorry you feel that way; I really do care, as studying is such a bore.

However, the only difference is the sorry rendered by the student is probably genuine, and the student actually replies messages, which leads to the matter at hand. And it isdrumroll please…” Why people don’t reply messages” as I don’t want you to delude yourself into thinking “she/he is playing…

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