My School Bus Romance

I’ve been told that I’m not a very approachable person. I don’t know if I agree but lol yeah. Like I’d like to believe I’m a very friendly person, but the thing is: When I’m not in the mood, I am NOT in the mood. For instance, if I’m in a public place and a random person is trying to ‘coyly’ make eye contact with me and I’m not interested, that eye contact ehn, I assure you that we will never make it. Lol, like the way I will avoid your eye! And then, if you’re slyly walking up to me, I will keep my face strong. As in stronggg ehnn. LOL. I don’t even know why I do this. It’s like a reflex action, I swear to God. And my face doesn’t even help matters. Everytime I think I have my ‘normal’ face on, people always either think I’m sad or I’m angry. Like what is my life? Lol.

Sha sha let me tell you guys the story of one night like this. I went to my best friend’s junior school graduation party, and it ended sort of late at night. So now, as we were in their school bus on our way home at like 9-ish, I noticed that one boy was tryno make eye contact in the DARK bus. That night, I was NOT IN THE MOOD. Like for real. Like “NO” was written all over my face. Cuz my best friend had pissed me off and the whole day was just crap. This boy came to sit beside me on the long chair at the back. I was the only one on the chair so there was A LOT OF SPACE but NO, this nwoke decided to encroach my personal space and sit RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Me I just jejely dressed inside. This boy dressed too. (Okay, you guys I actually never say ‘dress’ in real life, lol, but it just seems sweeter to type) I dressed again, this boy dressed. That’s how we kept on dressing till we reached the left end of the bus. I couldn’t understand this game we were supposedly playing, and me I was already vexed. So I just told him, ‘ Excuse me, can you shift?’ He now laughed ‘coyly’ and shifted small, as in very small. God, I was so angry!

In my mind, I just knew that somebody sent this boy to aggravate me that night. I hate it when people beat around the bush when trying to ask me if I have a boyfriend. Don’t start a random convo about basically nothing, and then halfway slyly insert the question, “So how’s your boyfriend?”. Which one is ‘how’s my boyfriend’ now? You know very well that I never discussed anybody with you. Nigga you is not smooth, okay? Lol. It pisses me off cuz even from the “hi” at the beginning of the convo, I can almost always tell when that ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ question is coming so I would really appreciate straightforwardness instead of all those ‘coy’ word games.

What I hate even more is when I say, “No, I do not have a boyfriend”, and then the person tells me, “Why?” and that is exactly what homeboy did. What do you mean by “Why?” ‘Why’???? Like where is the law that states that “All females must have boyfriends”?

Okay, you guys, now I’m not trying to feel myself please, but then, homeboy was now like, “How can a fine girl like you be single?” I hate this question ehnnn, because:

  1. I don’t usually receive compliments well lol
  2. Where is the law that states that “All fine girls cannot be single”?
  3. Are you trying to say that we ‘un-fine’ people should not find love? Lol. For real though.

(I should probably clarify something here, so that my numerous friends who’ve asked me these questions do not feel like I’m subbing them lol. I’d like to believe that it’s different when your friend asks you why you’re single. Your friend is asking cuz he/she is sincerely concerned, but other people are either just trying to runz you or get in your business). Me I just kept on saying “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m not interested.” He now asked me, “Why now? Did somebody break your heart?” At that moment, I just burst out laughing. Like I lol’d for centuries. Nobody had ever asked me that before, and at that moment in my life, I had never liked anyone before. Like ever. I told this boy No, that I am just not interested. Throughout this journey, this boy was persisting, and there was A LOT of traffic. I was sooo mad and bored. I even took his phone his phone and started playing game. My nigga was still telling me about how he won’t break my heart like my ex, and that he’ll ‘treat me right’. Lol that was one of the most annoying nights of my life. This boy had graduated from secondary school over a year ago. I really couldn’t understand why he would possibly waste his time with a highly temperamental 14 year old girl like I was at that moment. When the bus finally reached my friend’s house (I was sleeping over there), he now asked for my number. I told him that my battery had died (which was true) and that I didn’t know my number by heart (I’m sorry you guys, I had to lie :$). I said this not knowing at that moment that my best friend would later give him my number lowkey without my permission. Ugh best friends -__- lol

The first time he called me, I didn’t know who it was so I really picked and was like ‘hello’. Once I just heard, “Hey baby, this is-“, I just immediately cut that line! Hayyy! ‘hey baby’ ke! Imagine if my mother had picked that phone. Lol. Every single time he called, I used to cut all his calls and get so maddd at my bestfriend, or just give my brother the phone to talk to him. Haha, I was so childish. I have so many other stories like this (you guys don’t know how many random boy palavers this my dearest best friend has put me through haha) If you’d like to read more, just let me know!

After reading this, you might think I’m just one bxtch like that, but trust me I’m really not 😦 lol. Like sometimes, girls just like to be left alone. Not every single girl is looking for a relationship. I just believe that more people need to start respecting that. 🙂 Hope everyone’s having a lovely holiday! God bless! 🙂 xx


The Proposal

So yesterday, I went for a (Nigerian) church Christmas youth party.. I was really tired, and I felt so dead cuz I just got back from school and I hadn’t slept properly in like a week.. But the party wasn’t that bad after all. I mean, the emcee was horrible cuz he was a typical Nigerian emcee, talkative and well-equipped with the deadest jokes lol, but the party was actually okay, especially the “Dance! Dance! Dance!” Y’all know I had to drop a few steps hurr and thurr 😉

Anyways, my uncle asked one of his friends to drive us home, and on the way, he told us an interesting tale of how he proposed to his wife. Appaz, his wife had been his best friend since he was 13 (Did you just go ‘Awwwwww’? Yeah, me too :$) They grew up together, and went to the same Sunday school. His wife’s mother was even his Sunday school teacher! Anyways, after he moved to America, they didn’t talk-talk, like on the phone and stuff, for six whole years. They only used to email each other here and there. Now, this is where the story gets weird interesting.

So one day, he emails her and tells her that he’s going to call her neighbour’s phone (she didn’t have a cellphone at that time lol) at so-so and so time, cuz he had a question to ask her. The next day, he calls and asks her, “(I-don’t-think-he-mentioned-her-name), will you marry me?” and she says “Yes”, and that was it………………………………………. LOL does anyone else find this confusing? They hadn’t talked in S I X   G O O D   Y E A R S and one day, he just calls her out of the blue and proposes, and she says yes immediately? She didn’t even have to think about it? LOL??? As he was still talking, I had to interrupt him and say, ‘she said yes?’ and he was like ‘yeah’, and I was like ‘And you hadn’t talked in SIX years?”, and he was like ‘yeah, just emails from time to time…” Lol at this point, my brain couldn’t even process the situation. I guess this is where the theory of ‘soul mates’ comes into play? Like when you already know the person is ‘the one’ for you, that you don’t even have to think any further? Cuz he was even like, ‘When I wanted to get married, there were a lot of good girls here. But I just knew exactly what I wanted. Cuz I know myself, I know the things I do, and I know she’s the only one that can tolerate those things’.  Though I find the whole story really weird, I think it’s kind of cute. Lol. Like from the way he was talking, you could tell that he really loved this woman.

Anyways, just wanted to share that random cool tale witchy’allll! Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend/holiday  🙂 xx


Wrote this a whileeee ago as well, but never posted on le blog…


I don’t know why but it’s always been really hard for me to make choices. Like ever since I was a kid. Every single time we went to Mr. Biggs (JOINT OF LIFEEE), I could never decide if I wanted scotch egg or sausage roll or fried rice or whatever. Lol. This might seem like a trivial thing but it’s actually a very big problem I have. I can hardly ever make decisions for myself; I’d rather someone else make them for me, provided that I’m not harmed by the outcome. Anyways, this post isn’t about me so lemme move on.

At some point in life, we might have to choose between two people (or sometimes three to five sef if you’re a boss B-) ) that love us so much.. (There is a higher possibility of this happening to hot keks so if you are a hot kek,  try to read this to the end :p) .. And a choice like this cannot be made by anyone but us. It’s not a “Biko you’re wasting time. I’m getting you scotch egg” choice that your mom can make for you. It’s a solo affair. It would obviously be a very difficult choice to make, especially when we ourselves have feelings for both people. Choosing one will definitely hurt the other, and you cannot keep stringing both on cuz one does not simply eat his/her cake and have it… So you eventually choose… And one person gets hurt.

Now, I have nothing against the choosers in such situations. As I said, you can’t keep stringing someone on. What I actually have a problem with is when the chooser chooses and then, doesn’t let the non-chosen go. I see this in so many movies and series and it gets me sooo mad. So mad that I actually shout at my laptop screen “What is your problem? You made your choice now so leave him alone! *insert long Yoruba hiss*” Let me explain. I believe that once you make your choice, you should just leave the other person be, no matter how much you love him/her. If you loved him/her as much, then maybeeee you should’ve chosen him/her in the first place?? I don’t see why you should bring up shared intimate memories from the past in regular conversations, or why you should keep telling them how much you love them or care for them or whatever. Like how does that make things better in any way?? IMO, the message you’re basically passing across is “Hey, I love you but I obviously don’t love you as much as I love him/her, so would you be honored to be my side-boo?”. Like COME ON. Is there anyone that likes being an alternative? An opportunity cost? I think NOT. Keep your sweet nothings to yourself please.

I believe that if you make your choice, you just need to let the other person go COMPLETELY. Don’t play on the person’s emotions. Don’t make it hard for him/her to move on. Just let go. Let the person find someone else that would put him/her first… to find someone that would not treat him/her like an option… to be free… to be happy.

Remember; at times, if you love someone, you need to let him/her go.

Peace and love


Little random rant :))

I HATE it when people do not value what they have.

You have someone who likes/loves you so much and would do almost anything for you. Yet, you choose to go after someone who does not want to be in a relationship with you.

I understand that we cannot control our feelings.

BUT what I have a huge problem with is when you string the former person on, and then try to capture the latter AT THE SAME TIME.

You cannot eat your cake and have it. If you’ve made your choice to be with the former, stick to it. Don’t keep hurting the former all the time by constantly expressing your feelings for the latter.

At the same time, you should not make the latter catch feelings for you and then end up getting hurt because he/she knows that he/she cannot be with you because you are with someone else.

If anything, let the former go free so that he/she can at least find someone else and be happy. After all the love he/she has shown you, you should be at least that considerate.

December 10th

Hello all! If you didn’t know, today (December 10th) is a very significant day in the Loyola Jesuit College community, as seven years ago, on this day, we lost 60 students to the Sosoliso plane crash.

Today, I woke up late for my Management class (as usual, yolo all day errday) so I didn’t have time to say a sufficient prayer before rushing off to class. So after my last class, I settled in my room ready to pray my rosary in honour of our 60 angels. So I turned off the lights, and plugged in my earphones, so I didn’t hear my roommate, Katie, when she walked in. Later on, she told me that she was sooo scared, cuz she didn’t see my rosary cuz my hand was underneath my desk, and she called out to me REALLY LOUDLY like four/five times, and I didn’t respond. I just kept facing my computer without moving, and then when she went in front to look at my face, my eyes were shut. Long story short, Katie thought I was dead or unconscious or something. Haha

Anyways, that’s just by the way. Does anyone else have a particular song that affects them sooo much? For me, it’s You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban (Westlife version). Almost every single time I listen to this song, I cry. Today, I wept shamelessly, ugly facial expressions, catarrh and all that. (Lol ewwy :&). Seven years have passed by, but I still can’t help asking God ‘why?’ Why did they have to die? Why did their families and friends have to suffer so much pain? WHY is the stupid Nigerian aviation system still a mess? And then, I remind myself that I am not worthy to question Him. I know that God has a grand plan that we probably cannot see or understand right now.

It’s never easy to lose a loved one. I pray especially for consolation for the families of the deceased, and that the souls of our dearest 60 angels and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, may rest in perfect peace. Amen.


I actually want to post this on ‘our’ tumblr but I’m not sure yet

  1. Cheating is always a choice, not a mistake:  I put this as number 1 cuz to me, it’s like the golden rule of cheating or whatever. Lol. For real though, think about it. When people cheat, they say it was a mistake or the work of the devil, but come on. It was a conscious choice. Okay, let’s say I go to a guy friend’s house. On my way there, I’m obviously not thinking to myself ‘oh yes! cheating time! *white girl fist pump*’, but at that moment that he begins to touch me or lean in to kiss me, I’m conscious of what is going on. Not stopping it, initiating it or going along with it IS my choice.
  2. Cheating doesn’t mean you have to kiss, meet or have sex with someone else. Once you find yourself deleting messages so your partner will not see them, then you already are there: Idk how I exactly feel about this. Like yeah, it seems logical, but everything is not what it seems (Wizards of Waverly place ^_^ ..anyways..)  SOMETIMES, your significant other might not just understand or want to understand. For instance, if I have a male best friend and we’re superrr close, act like siblings, playfully call each other sugary names and all that, BUT we have NO feelings for each other, I might still find myself deleting messages from him. NOT because I’m guilty of anything, but because my boyfriend might not understand, or believe me when I say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is going on. Like yeah, I know he’s meant to trust me and blah blah blah, but I also know that the human mind is very skeptical. Even when you want to believe something with your whole heart, there’s still just that little something in your head telling you ‘hmmm…”
  3. In the day of modern technology, I do believe the lines of cheating are becoming more and more blurred every second. There’s no more secret hotel room charges, or the classic voicemails; its all in the hidden meanings between those “likes”, “favorites” and “posts” ( YES YES YES to this! On twitter, you see girls saying stuff like “Don’t RT my boo” or “Don’t “hi :$” my boo”. Lol. They might make it seem like oh, it’s all bare jokes, but trust me, 95% are serious lowkey. And I actually don’t blame them oh. Especially when they say “Don’t DM my boo”. Le DM is a very dangerous place. If you didn’t know, know now. I don’t know the thing you’re saying there that you cannot just tweet for all of us to see, I mean, no be di same 140 karatas wey dey deh? Okay I’m not saying that oh, once your ‘boo’ DMs someone, likes a girl’s fb status or favorites another babe’s tweet, he’s automatically cheating. But the thing is that these little things might actually be signs from God through technology. Lol. Imagine if for instance, one girl you’ve already been suspecting tweets “I wish you and I could just forget about the rest of the world and run away together. They don’t know about us <3” and your ‘boo’ faves it. Hmm *Mr. Theodore’s voice* “Wahalar dey wahalar dey”
  4. “Cheating is not an accident. Falling off a bike is an accident. You don’t trip and fall into a vagina”: I LOVEEEE this oneeeee. LOL my mental picture of this is hilarious… Anyways yeah, this just relates to point number one. You really zon’t trip and fall into a vagina.
  5. It’s worse for a girl to cheat: Okay everytime I hear this thing, I VEX. Like serious vex. Please how is it worse? Cheating is cheating. For instance now, if two people, both involved in relationships, cheat with each other, society is usually quick to call the girl a whore and let the boy go scot free. I HATE this soooo much. BOTH of them were involved in the act, BOTH of them cheated on their significant others, and if you necessarily have to call names, BOTH of them should be called ‘whores’.
  6. Cheating also comprises- Cute texts, Long hugs and Hand holding: What do you guys think about this? Where do you draw the line and say “this is cheating” when it comes to the physical stuff?
  7. “I chose to stay with him for all the things he did right and not leave him for one thing that he did wrong.”: I think this is a line from a movie, which I do not know. Lol. I believe this is one of the major reasons why people who have been cheated on stay. But chill, if for instance, your boo kills your father and that’s the ONLY wrong thing he’s ever done to you EVER!, would you stay for “all the things he did right”? Jk jk jk, I’m just being silly =)) I actually find this quite cute, but it’s sooo dangerous as well to keep thinking this way, bc you give people the opportunity to take advantage of you.
  8. “As long as you like/love the person that you’re with.. Cheating shouldn’t be a problem.”: Came across this in a random girl’s text post. She talked about how she knows that humans are imperfect and all but she doesn’t think it is difficult AT ALL to NOT cheat. And though I hardly have any experience whatsoever when it comes to relationship drama, I actually agree with her. To me, the key word in this quote is “love”. I mean, if you truly love someone, you’re not meant to be willing to do anything to hurt him/her soooo… From this, can we actually conclude that if you can actually cheat on your significant other, maybe that isn’t the person that you truly love? Yes? No? Tbh, I really don’t know because I am still yet to experience the great temptation that precedes cheating.
  9. Once a cheater, always a cheater: Mm-hm. This is like the most controversial one. I’ve heard so many people arguing about this. My friend made a point that I found very interesting. She said, “If the thing that’s meant to stop him from cheating was not there the first time, how do I know that it would just appear the next time?”. That’s the thing; you never ever know. Idk if I agree with this. I mean, people change …………… or do they?
  10. “It’s not in my place to tell her that he’s cheating on her”: If you know that your friend is being cheated on, would you let him/her know? Or do you think it’s SOLELY their (them and their partners’) business and none of yours? I know at times, we wouldn’t want to seem like the evil witches and wizards that caused the relationship to scatter, but then again, is that worth betraying our friends’ trust?
  11. Cheating is inevitable: I was very taken aback the first time I heard that some people actually firmly believe that cheating is inevitable in a relationship. I believe it is this mindset that might encourage cheating in the first place? But then again, maybe I’m naive. What do you guys think?

Anywaysss, just wanted to stir your minds up a bit with this. What exactly counts as cheating to you? Do you think cheating is inevitable? Would you stay with/go back to your significant other if he/she cheats on you? If your friend’s S.O cheats on him/her, would you let him/her know? Please give me feedback. I want to know what you guys thinkkk ^_^Image