December 10th

Hello all! If you didn’t know, today (December 10th) is a very significant day in the Loyola Jesuit College community, as seven years ago, on this day, we lost 60 students to the Sosoliso plane crash.

Today, I woke up late for my Management class (as usual, yolo all day errday) so I didn’t have time to say a sufficient prayer before rushing off to class. So after my last class, I settled in my room ready to pray my rosary in honour of our 60 angels. So I turned off the lights, and plugged in my earphones, so I didn’t hear my roommate, Katie, when she walked in. Later on, she told me that she was sooo scared, cuz she didn’t see my rosary cuz my hand was underneath my desk, and she called out to me REALLY LOUDLY like four/five times, and I didn’t respond. I just kept facing my computer without moving, and then when she went in front to look at my face, my eyes were shut. Long story short, Katie thought I was dead or unconscious or something. Haha

Anyways, that’s just by the way. Does anyone else have a particular song that affects them sooo much? For me, it’s You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban (Westlife version). Almost every single time I listen to this song, I cry. Today, I wept shamelessly, ugly facial expressions, catarrh and all that. (Lol ewwy :&). Seven years have passed by, but I still can’t help asking God ‘why?’ Why did they have to die? Why did their families and friends have to suffer so much pain? WHY is the stupid Nigerian aviation system still a mess? And then, I remind myself that I am not worthy to question Him. I know that God has a grand plan that we probably cannot see or understand right now.

It’s never easy to lose a loved one. I pray especially for consolation for the families of the deceased, and that the souls of our dearest 60 angels and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, may rest in perfect peace. Amen.


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