The Proposal

So yesterday, I went for a (Nigerian) church Christmas youth party.. I was really tired, and I felt so dead cuz I just got back from school and I hadn’t slept properly in like a week.. But the party wasn’t that bad after all. I mean, the emcee was horrible cuz he was a typical Nigerian emcee, talkative and well-equipped with the deadest jokes lol, but the party was actually okay, especially the “Dance! Dance! Dance!” Y’all know I had to drop a few steps hurr and thurr 😉

Anyways, my uncle asked one of his friends to drive us home, and on the way, he told us an interesting tale of how he proposed to his wife. Appaz, his wife had been his best friend since he was 13 (Did you just go ‘Awwwwww’? Yeah, me too :$) They grew up together, and went to the same Sunday school. His wife’s mother was even his Sunday school teacher! Anyways, after he moved to America, they didn’t talk-talk, like on the phone and stuff, for six whole years. They only used to email each other here and there. Now, this is where the story gets weird interesting.

So one day, he emails her and tells her that he’s going to call her neighbour’s phone (she didn’t have a cellphone at that time lol) at so-so and so time, cuz he had a question to ask her. The next day, he calls and asks her, “(I-don’t-think-he-mentioned-her-name), will you marry me?” and she says “Yes”, and that was it………………………………………. LOL does anyone else find this confusing? They hadn’t talked in S I X   G O O D   Y E A R S and one day, he just calls her out of the blue and proposes, and she says yes immediately? She didn’t even have to think about it? LOL??? As he was still talking, I had to interrupt him and say, ‘she said yes?’ and he was like ‘yeah’, and I was like ‘And you hadn’t talked in SIX years?”, and he was like ‘yeah, just emails from time to time…” Lol at this point, my brain couldn’t even process the situation. I guess this is where the theory of ‘soul mates’ comes into play? Like when you already know the person is ‘the one’ for you, that you don’t even have to think any further? Cuz he was even like, ‘When I wanted to get married, there were a lot of good girls here. But I just knew exactly what I wanted. Cuz I know myself, I know the things I do, and I know she’s the only one that can tolerate those things’.  Though I find the whole story really weird, I think it’s kind of cute. Lol. Like from the way he was talking, you could tell that he really loved this woman.

Anyways, just wanted to share that random cool tale witchy’allll! Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend/holiday  🙂 xx


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