My School Bus Romance

I’ve been told that I’m not a very approachable person. I don’t know if I agree but lol yeah. Like I’d like to believe I’m a very friendly person, but the thing is: When I’m not in the mood, I am NOT in the mood. For instance, if I’m in a public place and a random person is trying to ‘coyly’ make eye contact with me and I’m not interested, that eye contact ehn, I assure you that we will never make it. Lol, like the way I will avoid your eye! And then, if you’re slyly walking up to me, I will keep my face strong. As in stronggg ehnn. LOL. I don’t even know why I do this. It’s like a reflex action, I swear to God. And my face doesn’t even help matters. Everytime I think I have my ‘normal’ face on, people always either think I’m sad or I’m angry. Like what is my life? Lol.

Sha sha let me tell you guys the story of one night like this. I went to my best friend’s junior school graduation party, and it ended sort of late at night. So now, as we were in their school bus on our way home at like 9-ish, I noticed that one boy was tryno make eye contact in the DARK bus. That night, I was NOT IN THE MOOD. Like for real. Like “NO” was written all over my face. Cuz my best friend had pissed me off and the whole day was just crap. This boy came to sit beside me on the long chair at the back. I was the only one on the chair so there was A LOT OF SPACE but NO, this nwoke decided to encroach my personal space and sit RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Me I just jejely dressed inside. This boy dressed too. (Okay, you guys I actually never say ‘dress’ in real life, lol, but it just seems sweeter to type) I dressed again, this boy dressed. That’s how we kept on dressing till we reached the left end of the bus. I couldn’t understand this game we were supposedly playing, and me I was already vexed. So I just told him, ‘ Excuse me, can you shift?’ He now laughed ‘coyly’ and shifted small, as in very small. God, I was so angry!

In my mind, I just knew that somebody sent this boy to aggravate me that night. I hate it when people beat around the bush when trying to ask me if I have a boyfriend. Don’t start a random convo about basically nothing, and then halfway slyly insert the question, “So how’s your boyfriend?”. Which one is ‘how’s my boyfriend’ now? You know very well that I never discussed anybody with you. Nigga you is not smooth, okay? Lol. It pisses me off cuz even from the “hi” at the beginning of the convo, I can almost always tell when that ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ question is coming so I would really appreciate straightforwardness instead of all those ‘coy’ word games.

What I hate even more is when I say, “No, I do not have a boyfriend”, and then the person tells me, “Why?” and that is exactly what homeboy did. What do you mean by “Why?” ‘Why’???? Like where is the law that states that “All females must have boyfriends”?

Okay, you guys, now I’m not trying to feel myself please, but then, homeboy was now like, “How can a fine girl like you be single?” I hate this question ehnnn, because:

  1. I don’t usually receive compliments well lol
  2. Where is the law that states that “All fine girls cannot be single”?
  3. Are you trying to say that we ‘un-fine’ people should not find love? Lol. For real though.

(I should probably clarify something here, so that my numerous friends who’ve asked me these questions do not feel like I’m subbing them lol. I’d like to believe that it’s different when your friend asks you why you’re single. Your friend is asking cuz he/she is sincerely concerned, but other people are either just trying to runz you or get in your business). Me I just kept on saying “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m not interested.” He now asked me, “Why now? Did somebody break your heart?” At that moment, I just burst out laughing. Like I lol’d for centuries. Nobody had ever asked me that before, and at that moment in my life, I had never liked anyone before. Like ever. I told this boy No, that I am just not interested. Throughout this journey, this boy was persisting, and there was A LOT of traffic. I was sooo mad and bored. I even took his phone his phone and started playing game. My nigga was still telling me about how he won’t break my heart like my ex, and that he’ll ‘treat me right’. Lol that was one of the most annoying nights of my life. This boy had graduated from secondary school over a year ago. I really couldn’t understand why he would possibly waste his time with a highly temperamental 14 year old girl like I was at that moment. When the bus finally reached my friend’s house (I was sleeping over there), he now asked for my number. I told him that my battery had died (which was true) and that I didn’t know my number by heart (I’m sorry you guys, I had to lie :$). I said this not knowing at that moment that my best friend would later give him my number lowkey without my permission. Ugh best friends -__- lol

The first time he called me, I didn’t know who it was so I really picked and was like ‘hello’. Once I just heard, “Hey baby, this is-“, I just immediately cut that line! Hayyy! ‘hey baby’ ke! Imagine if my mother had picked that phone. Lol. Every single time he called, I used to cut all his calls and get so maddd at my bestfriend, or just give my brother the phone to talk to him. Haha, I was so childish. I have so many other stories like this (you guys don’t know how many random boy palavers this my dearest best friend has put me through haha) If you’d like to read more, just let me know!

After reading this, you might think I’m just one bxtch like that, but trust me I’m really not 😦 lol. Like sometimes, girls just like to be left alone. Not every single girl is looking for a relationship. I just believe that more people need to start respecting that. 🙂 Hope everyone’s having a lovely holiday! God bless! 🙂 xx


8 thoughts on “My School Bus Romance

  1. LOOOOOOOOOL. I laughed so hard after reading this. It happens to me sometimes to. At least the people that approach you are OLDER than you. Everyone thinks I and my sister are twins, so all the younger boys always come for me X_x.

  2. LMAO!….i did the same thing once when one stupid ‘SERIOUS’ igbo boy with a terrible accent was stalking me….lol..i gave my friend that has a really deep voice to talk to him and claim to be my father..he never bothered me again…:D

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