Forgetting friends

Hello lovelies! Cool story timeee! 😀 ..Haha, okay so I had this friend in Loyola (high school). When he became a senior, he was like my favorite senior boy ever! Like I just had so much respect for him, despite the fact that 90% of the school hated him lol. And you know me I can argue my life away, so you can imagine the way I used to argue with so many people in his favour. A few people even thought I liked him sef, haha, but we were just really good friends. Well, after he graduated, we still used to talk and stuff, but when he got into college, it was like he just totally forgot I existed. I’m not one to beg people to be my friend, and though I know it’s a bad thing, it doesn’t take time at all for me to detach myself from people (whether we’re friends or not) once they’re beginning to misbehave or develop ‘I-don’t-care attitude’. Like I’ll probably still care, but I just won’t show it. But if you’re super special to me, I’ll always try to make an extra effort. So I didn’t give up on this friendship, I still used to try to send him e-mails and write on his facebook wall and all that. Yet, there was hardly any change or progress.

I pride myself in making my friends feel extra-special on their birthdays, even if it’s just by doing the littlest things like posting the longest cheesiest messages on their walls or sending them voicenotes or changing my dp 10,000 times to their pictures. So on his 2011 birthday, I got his pin from someone, added him on bbm and downloaded like 50,000 of his fb profile pictures to use as dp lol. I bbm-ed him saying, ‘heyyyy longest timeee, happy birthdayyy blah blah blah’. He left me on R for like five eternities, and then finally replied me with ‘thanks’. Shikena. No ‘how are you?’, No ‘What’s up?’, No ‘I’m sorry for not keeping in touch’… NOTHING. Hm. Me, as an ode, I was still trying. I was like ‘You’re welcomeee.. how are you blah blah blah’. Guess what he now said?… Lol, trick question. He said nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. My message just pended there. That was when I was like Yo. Ain’t nobody gat time fo’ dat.

December 2011, I saw him at the EAC send-off party. He came to give a talk or whatever. I came in late, so everybody turned back to look at me (I hate that stuff so muchhh -__- lol), so I’m positive that he saw me. And we made random eye contact like one or two times. Yet, after the whole speech/send-off thingy, he didn’t even bother to say hi. I was talking to one of the other alumnae and he was standing in our area so I felt awkward not saying anything so I finally said ‘hi’, and he smiled in this playful yimu-like manner and said hi back. Idk how exactly to describe this action to you guys, I need to demonstrate lol. But that was just it. No ‘what’s up?’ or ‘what school are you going to?’, nothing. Me I just packed my load and left before it got any more awkward and I was slightly annoyed.

I never bothered to contact him again. Like never ever…. Till this afternoon. I was scrolling through my fb when his name randomly popped up. I was like ohh, long time, lemme just wish him happy new year. So I went to his wall and posted ‘Happy New Year. God Bless You.’. Five hours later, he graced me with a ‘like’. Homeboy couldn’t even dash me ‘same to you’. Can you see my life? See what I’m craving for; ordinary ‘same to you’. LOL smh. Well, I just told myself, ‘Chioma you’re just very stupid. NEVER ever again.’ You see THIS is why I don’t like getting close to people. It’s probably why I unconsciously do not put effort into some of my friendships as well. Human beings can be very disappointing. And it’s not even like oh I’m feeling righteous or I’m the bestest friend evurr. I’m really not. But one thing I make sure I do is even if I haven’t checked on you in forever and then, you start a convo with me, I will ALWAYS try my best to show you that I’m grateful for you making that extra effort, and I’m happy to talk to you. Even if it’s just by stretching the ‘y’ in my ‘hey’ or the ‘o’ in my ‘hello’, I still try. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but one of my new year resolutions is to just reciprocate people’s efforts. Like if you’re putting 0 effort, I too will put 0, or maybe -10. But if you’re putting 100, I’ll put 110 as well. At times, I feel like we all have to do this to determine the people who should really matter, and those that shouldn’t. Idk if anyone read this but if you did, thanks so muchhh. I really appreciate 🙂 xx


4 thoughts on “Forgetting friends

  1. You’ve got a really good blog. Strong point in everything you’ve just typed down…I feel exactly the same way you do. Basically,the dude is a douchebag (no offence) …the main point is you tried and if every one in the world would be like you…I don’t think we’d have problems anymore. Nice work once again with your blog !!

  2. LULLLZZZ! From the first line,I knew who it was. Baddo perraps? DUHHHH! Kaii Chioma I know this kind of feeling doeee. I knoooowweeeeetttt! Some people just make extra efforts to frustrate your own efforts. Welllll like you said….aint nobody got time fo’da’ no’mo’. That’s the motto baaaabbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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