That’s that stuff I don’t like

Hello beautifuls! So today, I’m just writing a random list of random things that randomly piss me off. Wait first, before you start, don’t read this and judge me like this one just hates on everything lol. We all have our pet peeves; these are some of mineee (in no specific order). Enjoy 😀

1)     It annoys me when people (in my age group) say ‘my man’ instead of ‘my boyfriend’ or something. Don’t ask me why cuz idk lol it just annoys me.

2)     I hate it when people claim to be beliebers or part of Rihanna navy, yet they spell Bieber as ‘Beiber’ and Rihanna as ‘Rhianna’. I’m not a member of either fandom but it still irritates me. Like if you’re going to be a stan, at least be able to correctly spell the name of the person you’re ‘stanning’ for.

3)     Hate it when people ask me why I don’t have a boyfriend, like it’s a necessity or it’s something you just pick on the road.

4)     COCKINESS: I HATE cockiness with a passion. I HATE it so much. And this is why I hate twitter sometimes. WAY TOO MANY COCKY PEOPLE. I HATE cockiness, overconfidence, arrogance, swollen-headedness, everything! You will be insulting someone’s eyebrows when your nose is like Jericho. Please get your life. As I’m typing atm, I’m remembering incidents and getting angry sef lol. I have a rant about this on my YT channel (

5)     I HATE it when people chew with their mouths open. I feel like it’s more tasking cuz you’re trying to prevent the food from falling out. I’m like why don’t you just help yourself out and CLOSE YOUR MOUTH? Nah, this thing gets to my soul.

6)     ‘Victorious’. Arianna Grande has a lovely voice, but she annoys the hell out of me on that show, and they all cannot act. They need to stick to singing.

7)     I hate it when people automatically call me “ChiChi” just because my name is Chioma.

8)     I used to hate it when people tweeted ‘I’m bored. Ask me’ for that stuff. You know the questions are sweeting your body, so just plainly ask for them. Don’t form up that it’s because you’re bored.

9)     When people don’t flush the toilet, HOOOOOO MYYY GODDDDD. Where is your home training?? Like what the hell?

10)   I HATE people that ‘like’/leave nice comments on people’s pictures, and then go and diss the people behind their backs. I fail to see their aim in life. Like did you have to like/comment? If you’re going to diss someone because you’re just such a perfect person with no flaws of your own, why don’t you just go straight ahead and say the nonsense, MUST YOU LIKE/COMMENT ON THE PICTURE? Nah, I am incapable of comprehending such idiocy.

11)   When people boast about or feel like they’re better than others because of their wealth. I’m like this wealth is your father’s wealth, so you’re getting so swollen-headed over something that isn’t even yours? Stop instagramming your LV pillowcases like we care. Are we Maltina? If you sleep on Calvin Klein mattress and I sleep on Mouka foam, and yet, we’re in the same school, taking the same classes, eating the same food, praying to the same God, what makes you any better than me? I can’t understand :/

12)   I feel sorry for people whose long-term life goals are just to engage in world wars on twitter.

13)   When people just conclude that One Direction is shit without even listening to their music. Like bye. Just bye. Go away. And then, when people who haven’t done their thorough research try to argue with me about the boys, I get sooooooooo angryyyy, haha it’s unreal.

14)   People that cuss excessively/unnecessarily.

15)   When akatas are just so LOUD for no reason. Oh God. I just want to beat them up and throw them away.

Well, thanks for reading guysssssss! I would blog more often but school is just a stumbling block in my path lol. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee xx.


10 thoughts on “That’s that stuff I don’t like

  1. LOOL!!! We are truly carbon copies though! Most of these stuff annoy me so much especially 4,5,10,11 and 13. Everytime I see someone eating with his/her mouth open, I just want to collect the rest of the food and throw it away! And the One Direction stuff ehn, that one is just a seperate issue. Idiots! You go girl!!! LOL. I do like Victorious though. I mean, their acting isn’t always good but remember that it’s actually for children and they basically just make them laugh! Anyhoo, I enjoy reading your blog!! :* :*

    • Hahah thanks sooo much Jujeez!! For always reading and leaving comments. You’re like the main person that encourages me to keep blogging. AND YESSS WE ARE! For that, I love Victorious now haha ❤

  2. “You know the questions are sweeting your body, so just plainly ask for them” LMAOO!! Why are you soo funnay? No wash. :)) And I used to call you Chi Chi sometimes… 😥

    • LOOOL Chidizzle you’re my G of lifeee! ❤ I don't mind at all. I mean all these random men/people on twirra. Especially when they say 'Go to bed ChiChi' when it's just like 7pm in this timezone! Lawd the rage! lol

  3. I agree especially with 3, 7 and 11. The chi chi thing annoys me when people I don’t regularly talk to or know call me that. I thought I was being irrational.

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