Happy Birthday My-Best-Friend ^_^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIEASTIX! The bestest best friend in the world. People be hating on us all the damn time tho but they just jealous. B-) Kiearr, thank you for always being there for me, always calling to check up on me, making me laugh by being your razz self. LOL nahh Kiea you’re actually crazy. I remember when you just got your iPhone and then you automatically became an apple salesman. The way you used to marvel at the speed of the 4G and how you got my mentions so quickly and Siri and everything, loooool you’re crayy crayyy! Tbh, I never knew we’d actually become mainest guys like this. I remember when you were class prefect in JS1 and you always used to write my name for names of noisemakers. Ohhh God I just wanted to box you and put you inside wasco this boy. And then all those times I just did not like you because I thought you liked forming “mature-mature’. Hahahah God I’m daft tho. Anyways, it all started by me famzing you and you ignoring me and inwardly groaning when I called you “My best friend” instead of Kiea. And Kieastix, you know me I like to famz, but I don’t think I’ve ever famzed somebody like I famzed you. Hah! I persevereddd. Every strategy I tried to use on you, you backfired it. Tell me hi in the morning when I come to class, mba. Ordinary to turn back when I call your name, no; I had to call you three times or more fust. But me I did not give up oh, Idk what was driving me but I told myself this Kiea must be my friend whether he likes it or not. And I’m actually so happy I kept famzing because Kiea you’re one of the most amazing people I know. Kiea of life, Epelle for da London gyal dem, Swagga daddyyy! You’re so selfless, awesome, mature, hilarious, everything na you oh. And Kiea you’re soooo responsible, like everytime I’m describing you to someone, that’s something I ALWAYS stress. Like you know when it’s time to play and when to be serious. Should I have written a poem or something for you instead of this because I feel like my thoughts are too disjointed? You know what? Imma just do a track for you when I come over. I give you the grand honour of making the beats. I think the world is finally ready to handle my rap skills. CHIOMIZZLE ON THE MIC AND KD ON THE BEAT!! Hayy can you feel the swaguu already? Kieurr plx do fast and come back so we can discuss thursday’s VD as usual. But naaah you slay me tho, you’re like THE most passionate person ever when it comes to all these shows. LOL these shows are taking over our lives! 😦
Anyways, Happy Birthday again my best friend!!!!!!! As you turn 19 today,you berra cut those wingx you been growing cuz you be feeling too fly these days, not telling me about your plans and shii. If not, imma keep leaving all those my shouting voicemails. Hahahah Kiea you’ve actually suffered in my hand sha loool I’m so sorryyy! I pray that God continues to bless you and keep you from all harm, may His hand continue to guide you in the right path and may you grow in knowledge, understanding and virtue. I wish you success, long life, happiness, good health, and I pray that all your heart’s desires may be fulfilled. Happy Birthday Gurrrrrl! Lol have lotsss of fun tonight! #CheatingBoy #DangerUnlimited #RockiesOnRockiesUponRockies Haha lahv ya! Xx


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