HAPPY BIRTHDAY OMOBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OMOBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moriadesheolaoluwachukwuemeka, Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yo mehn, Omoba we go wayyyy back thoughhh. Like we’ve actually been friends since JS1, first day of school sef! When you came to famz me and say that you saw me at your St. Saviour’s funfair and I was like ‘Chill nigga, I know you wanna be friends with me cuz I’m so swaggie but you ain’t gotta lie’ B-) . And then JS2, we were best friends, and then you messed that up. Well, sucks to be you, cuz I was the bestest best friend ever. LOL what am I writing though? Happy Birthday Moji!!!!! I actually love you so so much and I know you know that. I love how we might not talk for ages, and then when one of us calls the other, we just talk like we were just in ljc yesterday, and we giiist and giiist for hours! I remember all those our table days with Ron, Frenx, Van and KOFSSSS! Hahahahah yo I’m actually laughing out loud. Kofsss of lifeee! I remember how we used to complain to each other about our ‘thingies’ and how we just used to suffer together lol. And then when you used to tif my facetowel and lipbalm. Yo what was actually wrong with you? Like you’re actually mad. LOL. And OH MY GOD, that your laugh that you have refused to change and that your cracked voice that you’ve been claiming that it’s because of puberty since JS1! Mehn Morad I miss you SO much! Can you actually come to New York AT A TIME THAT I’M ACTUALLY THERE??? -___- We really need to hang out! I hope you have a really really fun day, with Onyema ma nigga and all your friends over there. I’ll be there in spirit. I pray God blesses you abundantly, and grants you all your heart’s desires. May you grow in His love, precepts, divine favour and direction. May your swag continue to rise and rise till it reaches my level. Amen. Thanks for being a real G and an awesome nigga. You will always be at the top top section of my friends list, and I will ALWAYS be at the top of yours as well (I ain’t even arguing with you tho). HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN OMOBA!!!! *hitting wrists*
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


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