Francisca’s Twitter Rant

Excuse me i do not understand some of the things that go on on this twitter of a thing. Twitter is a social network, YES. But there is a but. Because twitter is a social network and we are all meant to socialize, does not mean that people should not mind their businesses. I mean like you just don’t come to twitter to come and porknose(however that is spelt) into someone’s business all in the name of socializing. NO NO AND NO I SAY NO it does not  work like that. This thing has been doing me for a very longgg time and now I KENNOT HOLD EET ANY LONGER.  Thats how i will be on my own oh jejely tweeting at my cool niccas and bad bitches. Okay lets say now i crack one inside joke or something or i say something stupid that only the two of us are meant to understand. One nonsense person that i don’t even know where he/ she came from will now come and add a comment. Asin its annoying and i am annoyeedddd.Or if i call my friend stupid/idiot/fool jokingly, someone will now come and write LOL. Ehen Mr. Man what are you looking for? Like who gave you audacity to el oh el? I called my friend stupid and it is between both of us like both of us only. And who is even lolling with you? What is the joke sef?  Don’t add your comments. Don’t even el oh el please. Like just mind your business. Yes that is what i have been trying to say. Let us adopt  the MIND YOUR BUSINESS policy on this twitter or else kasala fit burst anyday anytime anywhere oh. Please let us adopt this policy, for a peaceful and healthy twitter community.i’m sorry i really needed to do this rant. Tenz.


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