When Revenge leaves your life in shambles

So I just watched the season finale of Revenge tonight and I’m just such a mess. That episode was too much for me. Every single minute of that two-hour episode was precious. So much tension, so much emotion, so much pain, tears, everything. I cried so much, like I actually surprised myself. This is not the first time I’m crying over tv though. I am a regular guy on that crying P lol, like when I get attached to a show, I get ATTACHED. For example, when I watch scandal, I BECOME Olivia Pope, like literally lol it’s insane. Sometimes, I tear up when sweet things happen (I loveee romance haha) or I shed silent tears when a character I like is crying or in pain or something. Like in Vampire Diaries, when Jeremy “died”, I   b r o k e   d o w n. Like the tears just kept dropping down my cheeks, but nothing has ever been as serious as today’s crying session. I was actually making sounds! Like those ugly crying sounds ahaha! I’m just happy Katie (my roommate) wasn’t around cause she would have been so scared LOL. I don’t know if it was because I was really tired and stressed out because of finals and all (Had three today and the first was at EIGHT AM), but I was SO unstable. And even till now, my mood is still very mellow. I have a slight headache due to crying and my eyes just look sad. I don’t even feel like joking with anybody, I just want to go to bed, but I can’t cuz I’m at work right now till 1:30. I planned to read for my ModCon final but I’ll just do that tomorrow cuz I’m not in a suitable state right now. I am actually not thaaat much of an emotional person, I promise! But these shows just always have a way of taking over my life! (Plus the fact that I just finished my container of garri 😦 )

I feel like I’m not crying just because of the show, but also because of the fact that there are actually people in the world that are going through these things at the moment. There are people like Jack that have lost everything and everyone. How does it feel to lose your wife AND your brother? How does one explain to his young child that he no longer has a mom and an uncle? There are people like Olivia Pope who can never be with the one they truly love (Yeah I know many people despise Olitz but you can’t tell me their love is not genuine. You just can’t). There are people like Stefan/Damon who would sacrifice everything for someone and yet, they forever remain an option. As for Emily *deep exhale*, I am so pained to see her hurt the way she does. She basically has no one and it seems like she doesn’t feel like she has anything to live for, so she thrives solely on her thirst for revenge. But as Aiden said, when she eventually gets her revenge, she wouldn’t find peace; just overwhelming emptiness. And then, there exist people like the Graysons that are so greedy and selfish and can go to any lengths to satisfy themselves and themselves alone. They lie, deceive, manipulate people and destroy lives. Yes I know these shows exaggerate these situations to some extent, but regardless, there are still actual people who go through these things, and it’s just sad to think about, you know. Oh well, I’m going to try to read for my ModCon final now. I mean, my parents didn’t send me to Emelica to watch feem atink? Bye bloggy (I’ll work on a better name for you later lol), goodnight! 🙂 x


8 thoughts on “When Revenge leaves your life in shambles

  1. Officially, the most stupid thing I have done is read this when I haven’t watched that season finale…
    I cant waitttttttt…
    Anyway, I’m with you on that crying P though, I even wrote about it last night, like how I get so emotional for TV, and it seems stupid but for me, I just cannot hold back the tears. I cry for Scandal too, I even cry for The Voice and American Idols, like when someone sings their heart out and they still get evicted. I hate competition and all that stuff…
    But of kess, you know I’ve always been a mainer crying guy since LJC, I actually think I have become better though…:p
    And CHIOMAAAA Good Luck in Finals, Im sure youll rock, as a mainer guy 😎

    • LOOOL Ntooo! 😛
      Of course yaa with me on that crying P. HAHAHA you’re our oga at the top sef
      The Voice and American Idols though? Me I know I vex but CRY though? LOLL Girl bye!
      Thankss G, I go try B-)

  2. Lmaoo! I cry when any emotional scene comes on in any movie especially when the good guy dies. Lool, A very good example is Titanic; Like, I’ve watched it a million times but when I watch it again, I still cry when Jack dies. Free stream of tears yo! I then feel dehydrated after each session of tears x_x As for Scandal. I’m in Season 2! Olivia is my HERO ^^ #TeamGladiatorsInSuits B-) And I actually feel sorry for both parties (Oliva and Mellie) Lol. Fitz could be annoying sometimes though. I just might start Revenge when I’m up to date with Scandal.

    • LOL! I’m still so happy you’ve joined the Scandal community! Yo Chidizzle I can’t wait for you to start Revenge. The first season is EPIC! You won’t be able to sleep or do anything worthwhile once you start! You’ll entirely surrender your life to Revenge LOL

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