Fun & Beautiful Faces at Naturals In The City 6!

The Kink And I

Hello beautiful people!

Yesterday, I was at Naturals In The City 6 and it was a blast! Hairspiration, smiles and laughter in abundance! It was so wonderful to be surrounded by so many beautiful kinky-curly-coily heads!

I loved the venue- Omenka Gallery and the turnout was great. At some point, I did a quick headcount and I clocked over 50 people and there were definitely more. There were relaxed girls in the building too, whoop! Told you everyone was invited! Good old Simon was on duty so this is a photo heavy post! 😀

It was such a lovely time, talking about this fascinating thing called hair, meeting nice new people and of course, shopping!

I also met a few readers, hey, Busola, Acharacha and Faith! It was so nice!

You can tell from all my exclamation marks how happy I am!

Shout out to Natural Nigerian for putting this…

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