I love birthdays because they create the opportunity for us to feel super special for at least one day in a year… so here I am, trying to say Happy Burrthday to yew in a speshull way. Happy Birthday Gogz!!!!!!! Happy Birthdayyyy! Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyy!
Gogowe, tbh I never expected that we’d be as close as we got, seeing as we were only “hi” guys till like SS2 or so. And I actually don’t know what it was that brought us together? Was it government and history classes or..? Oh no no no, it all began one random day in SS2 that I randomly came to your dorm after night cap. Me, you, Chioma and Francisca now giiisted and giiisted, and I guess things just took off from there 🙂 Well, I’m super grateful to God for that random day bc that was the start of one of my most cherished friendships.
Gogz you’re actually such a wonderful friend, and an awesome gist partner! It’s actually so hilarious how I’ll give you gist and you will not sohj to accept it, you’ll just be like “hayy it’s a lie Chioma. Haba she couldnt have done that” Haha it’s so nice how you choose to believe the best of people/give them the benefit of a doubt.
I even remember the first time we “fought”. That was at that prefects meeting about locking the gate early or something (LOL see the nonsense LJC made us argue about) but I think we made up like that same day sef. And one thing that’s weird is I don’t think I can ever get angry at you, like never. And you’re one friend that I know that I’ll defend to the grave, like even if we fight today and never talk again, I’m too sure that if somebody tells me something bad about you, I will defeeeend ehn, even if I don’t have facts, I will argue and argue that Ugochukwu could never have done that lol. I just feel like I owe you that because of how good of a friend you’ve been over these past few years. I remember during my semi-gap year when I started off very depressed about being a unilag student and full-time housegirl at the same time, you were actually ALWAYS there to comfort me or make me laugh or feel better, and I really reallyyy appreciate you for that Gogz. We used to bbm all the time, skypee, everything. I actually can’t exactly pinpoint what changed but I guess we both just got busy? And when we were drifting apart, I never even realised at first. And then, guys even started asking me “Chioma, are you and Ugo still guys-guys?” or “Are you still her twinnie?” and all that, that was when I kind of began to notice little stuff like ohhh we haven’t skyped in ages or even talked on the phone in weeks… but yet, I still recognize(d) you as one of my best friends. Cause I feel like a friendship like ours does not rely on skype calls or whatever to remain intact.
And then, “things got awkward” and I heard stuff like you didn’t trust me but me I was like it don’t marra whether it’s true or not cause either way, you remain my nigga 4 lyfe, and then that our whole twitter misunderstanding lool, but we remained twinnies. I was really happy you called me to clear stuff up, and even though I felt as though there were more things you might have wanted to clarify than you did that night and though things aren’t exactly-exactly-exactly like before, I’m just so happy that you’ve made that effort to keep our friendship. I looove it when you send me your songs and stuff, cause it just makes me so happy to see your dreams actually becoming reality! Like I get excited like I AM Gogofierce! You need to see the way I make my family to watch your videos/listen to your covers , and I’ve watched you and Ugo’s Beneath Your Beautiful a gooood number of times that I must have probably unconsciously learnt your mannerisms in the video LOL. And when I say I’m so proud of you, I mean it a 100%, like Ugo, they actually ain’t ready for what you’re about to bring to the music industry. They ain’tttttt!
Gogowe, you are gorgeous, smart, so caring, so full of life and energy! Like you could brighten up a room by just walking in (#OmalichaLifestyle), and you are sooooo funnyyyy (I’m not arguing with you abeg, you KNOW yaa funny)! You are a very special person with a pure heart! I love you so so so much and I hope that you’ve been having a good day so far! I pray that we remains friends forever cuz girl, I gotchu! And I pray that the Lord continues to bless you and keep you, and may He guide your path and shield you from all evil and disappointments in life! Happy Birthday twinnie! I love you xx

P.S. We need to take more pictures together, like the only ones we have are struggle ones hahaha



  1. awwwww wow thank you so so so so much!!! I Really appreciate !! 😀 and yeh we’ve kinda had our ups and downs, but hey, which friendship doesn’t ??? Anyway I love you very much!!! and thank you sooo much for all your support!! love you twinnie!!

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