Oh Happy Day ^_^

After church today, a lady walked up to me and said “Are you on youtube?… Do you make youtube videos?… Cause I think I’ve seen your face before…” I could tell that she was really unsure of herself haha, so I gave her my brightest smile ever and was like “Yeahh, I have a few videos on youtube”. Then, she said “Did you make any video teaching people how to azonto?”, and I was like “Oh my gosh, yes, that’s me!!”. I honestly cannot type how I felt at that moment. It was this mixed  feeling of profound joy and disbelief. Lol like I was soooooo happyyy! I’m not going to act like oh I never knew there was at least one person that had actually watched any one of my videos, because I mean, I don’t have 0 views on my videos (We thank God!!! LOL) and my friends/family have told me stuff like ‘Oh someone told me they saw you on the internet’ or ‘Can you imagine? My friend from school showed ME your video’ but I always just LOL and say abeggg, and brush everything aside. But today was the first time anyone EVER recognized me from youtube in real life! And it was honestly a really really good feeling, like the way I was smiling at her, you’d think she’d just dashed me a million dollz lol. She told me that though she still couldn’t do the azonto, she really loved my video, and that I’m a true African girl and she liked that I didn’t try to form any accent; that I just spoke in my normal Nigerian accent but she could still tell that “This girl is educated”, She said so many sweet things in summary. I was blushing so much, I could barely keep looking at her! Soooo yeah, that’s basically the highlight of my month haha #LoserLifestyle. I wish I could actually get serious with my youtube channel, but the thing is I have no desire whatsoever to create a side career in entertainment or any of that good stuff. For me, youtube is just a hobby that though I really really enjoy, I’m too lazy to actually develop it into something significant, and I personally don’t think I’m talented enough or entertaining/funny enough to actually pursue the act of “youtubing” or blogging/vlogging in general as a side career. So yeahh that’s that. But I’m honestly grateful to every single person who’s watched any of my videos, shared, liked, commented, everything! Honestly I can’t thank everyone enough. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I’m so so grateful!!! ^_________^


4 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day ^_^

  1. Lool, Celebb. Haha, Just remembered when my aunt came over sometime in May, she and mumsy were casually gisting about that Oga at the top bants. Then I showed her your video and she said that she remembered seeing your video on tv in naij. Oh she also said that you and your friends are pretty too. Getting there… 😉 😉 ✌

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