Very few things more awkward than being at a party/get-together where you don’t know anyone. I’ve been in these situations one too many times man, and I’ve hated it every single time. The thing is I’m actually not an antisocial or socially awkward person. I think I’m actually really friendly, like I can be really shy and quiet when I’m surrounded by people I don’t know. But say for instance, my friend comes with someone that no one else knows to one of our get-togethers, I usually go to talk to that person so he/she doesn’t feel awks or left out. But nobody does that for me when the tables are turned. Like NOBODY. Loool I really don’t know why. Like is my face offensive or..? People have told me that my normal face looks like I’m depressed or sad or something, but I don’t think I have a mean face ._.
What is more annoying is when you follow come with your friend to a party and your friend (who is the ONLY person you know there) abandons you, and so you spend the whole night alone, and then later when you guys FINALLY leave, your friend says something like, “Why were you just staying by yourself? Why didn’t you talk to anybody?”. I cannot describe how straight my face becomes when people ask me this question. First of all, you ABANDON me and then, you criticize me for not talking to the people you did NOT bother to introduce me to? Wowwwww.
There was actually this one Nigerian grad party I went to with my uncle and his family in Florida this summer. My uncle introduced me to the graduate who was actually really nice. We talked for a bit and then she went back to greeting everyone & talking to her high school friends. Then my uncle and aunty went to socialise with the adults while the kids went to play with the other kids somewhere, so I just stayed looking into the atmosphere, till I finally fell asleep on the couch (which was actually really comfortable, now that I think about it) for hoursss (we were there for a whileee and my battery died 😦 )
And at these parties/get-togethers, there is always that one girl (or sometimes, group of girls) that eyes you from head to toenail for no reason. I just awkwardly smile at her and look away and make the conscious decision to never look back in that direction for the rest of the night.
And then, of course, the cute boy you make awkward eye contact with like a billion times, that never comes up to talk to you. “You”, being me, cause as I said before, no one ever talks to me. Bottom line of this random post, do I have a mean face? And does anyone have any advice on dealing with such situations (besides charging my phone before coming lol)? And don’t just tell me something like “try to talk to people”. Please be more specific with conversation starters you’ve used before that actually work for you lool

Thanksss xxx

The 3 Length Retention Challenge!

The Kink And I

If you’re a hair growing girl of African origin, length retention is probably one of the things on your hair agenda. Especially if you’re a kinky curly. Every kink, every curl, every bend in the hair strand is a possible breaking point. Are you interested in experiencing less breakage and improving your length retention?

Yes? Join me on the 3 Length Retention Challenge hosted by two ladies who have been natural hair inspirations on the blog- Tega and Joke.

I’m going to outline the gist of the Challenge for you real quick.

How long is it?

3 months. August – October

What is the aim of the challenge?

To retain length with a focus on 3 areas– Exercise, Nutrition and Hair.

Why these other 2? Isn’t this about hair?

We cannot say this enough: a healthy body is foundation for healthy hair.


Okay. What do I have to…

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I’m sure you thought I forgot your birthday. LOL but you know that is not possible? August 5th is a date that has been stuck in my head for as long as I can remember! I woke up early sef just to write this, couldn’t sleep haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOSKOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The bestest best friend ever! We’ve come such a loooooooooooong way, and I’m so so thankful to God for our friendship. Like I can confidently say that no one in this world knows me as well as you do! I mean, we’ve known each other for almost 15 years now! We actually need to set a date that we can be using for our anniversary! Godddd, Kosi you’re a handful! I remember when you and your Mommy would tease and tease me about when my breasts were going to grow, and when they finally grew a little (we give glory to God), both of you up till today have never let me rest! I also remember when you gave that Moses boy my number in exchange for the MoHits CD he bought you. Hahaha I hate you honestly! You and all those your ‘friends’; Moses, Igho, IK from church, the other man from St. Raphael’s harvest, Idy super fly.. Lmaoo I just hate you mehn. I remember your Rufus phase and all those your MANY MANY other boyfriends, whose names I can’t even remember cuz you’ve had so damn many cuz you’re too damn hot!
You’re one friend that I know has my back, 24/7, all day every day, forever and ever and ever and ever! I actually see you as my immediate elder sister, after Ekene- no, actually, I see you as my younger sister, because if I have to keep disciplining you very well to ensure you don’t go wayward >_> I remember how happy you were when I told you about Aniekeme; your face was like Christmas! Hahaha, I know it took me a whole 15 years to actually like somebody but you needed to chill abeg; it wasn’t that big a deal. And I also remember how you disturbed and disturbedddd me about the other ‘him’ and how I was in love with him and blah blah blah (but I was not thoughhh). I actually thank God everyday that that chapter of my life is closed LOL. Now I can quote my lyrics in peace without you DM-ing me everytime to ask if I was talking about him mschewww (Waiiiiit. Come to think of it, you actually STILL do that -___-). Also, can you stop disturbing me about my first kiss? Ahn ahn, are my lips your own?? LOL. It’s going to come in the bext time, and best believe it’s going to be with either Harry Styles or Zayn Malik from One Direction!!! ^__^ And I’ve already told you that it has been revealed to me that my tall, cute, God-fearing future doctor boyfriend is coming from wherever he has been hiding next year; that’s the person I’m going to marry. If you like, be laughing there or be thinking I’m jonzing myself, I will just surparaisikwa all of you next year loool
Kosi, you’re such a BEAUTIFUL young lady, and you are sooo HOT, it’s a problem! You’re sooo funny, sooo damn annoying, so mature, so full of life, the best dancer! (I remember all the dancing competitions you beat me in, especially the one at MY OWN GRANDMA’s birthday party. The fact that my own relatives voted for you and not me shows how much of a good dancer you are! But don’t worry, with these my new azonto skills shaaa, I go show you pepper B-) loool). You’re God-fearing, caring, like you’re going to be the most amazing mother! But best believe we’re going to raise your daughters together because Aunty Chioma is not going to allow them to start having boyfriend at age 10 -__- . You’re so responsible and so so reliable! You’re one person I know I can whatsapp/call at anytime to rant about something or seek advice because 1) I know you’ll still be awake bc you’re a nightcrawler and 2) You’re my best friend. Mehn Kosi, we’re actually sisters sha. Remember that day you called me, like I was on my way to class. I had to go back to call my momsi to tell her immediately! Like the thought of you going through all that stress was just too heartbreaking! I couldn’t focus throughout that day (Btw, I hate Chief sooo much, probably more than you hate him sef. Mschew stupid man). I can’t wait for Christmas! We’re going to run Lagos togerra LOL Waaiiiit, I hope you’re not going to the village as usual oh :|||
I love you so so so so so much bebi, and I hope your day has been going well so far! I’m going to try to look for a way to call… but you know my data plan does not let me make international calls. So I’ll probably tell my mommy to call me when she gets home so I can talk to you then. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MY SWEERART!!! I love you and I miss you sooooooooooooo much!!!! P.S. We need to take more pictures, unlike the throwback struggle ones above LOL.

Perception of Africa


I really am just trying to express my deepest thoughts in the most non-confrontational way possible. All this preamble is because I want you all to know that if I sound a little annoyed, it’s because I am a tad irritated by this situation and I yearn to set some things straight and discharge any misconceptions.

It’s about Africa; Nigeria. It’s about the gross misrepresentation of Africa and the immensely condescending responses of people who have no idea of what Africa is to her. Where to begin? Africa is a wonderful place with some of the most hospitable people in the world, some of the friendliest and kindest hearts you’ll ever know… at least I can say that about Nigeria. Everyone looks out for everyone. And while it may seem that this results in a great deal of nosiness, it is truly comforting to know that you cannot be attacked…

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