Very few things more awkward than being at a party/get-together where you don’t know anyone. I’ve been in these situations one too many times man, and I’ve hated it every single time. The thing is I’m actually not an antisocial or socially awkward person. I think I’m actually really friendly, like I can be really shy and quiet when I’m surrounded by people I don’t know. But say for instance, my friend comes with someone that no one else knows to one of our get-togethers, I usually go to talk to that person so he/she doesn’t feel awks or left out. But nobody does that for me when the tables are turned. Like NOBODY. Loool I really don’t know why. Like is my face offensive or..? People have told me that my normal face looks like I’m depressed or sad or something, but I don’t think I have a mean face ._.
What is more annoying is when you follow come with your friend to a party and your friend (who is the ONLY person you know there) abandons you, and so you spend the whole night alone, and then later when you guys FINALLY leave, your friend says something like, “Why were you just staying by yourself? Why didn’t you talk to anybody?”. I cannot describe how straight my face becomes when people ask me this question. First of all, you ABANDON me and then, you criticize me for not talking to the people you did NOT bother to introduce me to? Wowwwww.
There was actually this one Nigerian grad party I went to with my uncle and his family in Florida this summer. My uncle introduced me to the graduate who was actually really nice. We talked for a bit and then she went back to greeting everyone & talking to her high school friends. Then my uncle and aunty went to socialise with the adults while the kids went to play with the other kids somewhere, so I just stayed looking into the atmosphere, till I finally fell asleep on the couch (which was actually really comfortable, now that I think about it) for hoursss (we were there for a whileee and my battery died 😦 )
And at these parties/get-togethers, there is always that one girl (or sometimes, group of girls) that eyes you from head to toenail for no reason. I just awkwardly smile at her and look away and make the conscious decision to never look back in that direction for the rest of the night.
And then, of course, the cute boy you make awkward eye contact with like a billion times, that never comes up to talk to you. “You”, being me, cause as I said before, no one ever talks to me. Bottom line of this random post, do I have a mean face? And does anyone have any advice on dealing with such situations (besides charging my phone before coming lol)? And don’t just tell me something like “try to talk to people”. Please be more specific with conversation starters you’ve used before that actually work for you lool

Thanksss xxx


8 thoughts on “Socializing

  1. This is soo trueee omg! I hate those kinda things but Idk, you could look around; there may be other shy people around sitting at the corner. Start with something general like “Hey, how are you?” , Introduce yourself and talk about the general atmosphere of the place and all. It works for some people, I guess.
    P.S Lol, I’m usually the shy one so I’m just narrating what people have actually said to me, haha! Hope it helps. 🙂 x

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