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This would be my first official post on this blog. This is like a Month and some days after it was made but we thank God for the inspiration and the time to do this.

Now the topic for today is “BEAUTIFUL”.


I see it everywhere, hear it a lot and I notice the way girls blush and their bodies shake when they are told they are beautiful. Why? Lol. It must really be a big deal to be called beautiful init? I was called beautiful by a friend some days back and I was blushing all through the day even under this my Black Skin. I was wondering why I was so happy. Maybe because not everyone is usually given that kind of compliment. I wonder why. I also observed boys call some girls beautiful and I see others…

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Hairspiration!: Teju

The Kink And I

Hey, I’m Teju Onabajo, a student at Mount Holyoke College. I spend my time between Lagos, Nigeria and Massachusetts, where my school is. I am Nigerian through and through!


When did you go natural and how did you do it?

I’ve only relaxed my hair once in my life, and that was in 2011 for high school prom. I relaxed it because the hairdressers that were brought to do our hair refused to do hair that was not relaxed. Before that my mum never allowed me to relax my hair.

When I relaxed my hair, I felt like my hair took longer to grow back than it usually did when it was natural. So I knew I wouldn’t relax it again (or at least until it grew to a length I was happy with), and I haven’t relaxed it since.

Tell us about your hair

Well, I don’t really know…

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Hairspiration!: Synethia

The Kink And I

Have you missed Friday Hairspiration? I have! Well, we’re back this Friday, with a twist! This Friday, the beautiful Synethia lets us drool over her gorgeous locs! Enjoy!

Hey, my name is Synethia a.k.a Jungle Barbie. I am originally from Jamaica but I currently reside in Los Angeles, California.

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Have you always been natural?

No. During my adolescent and teenage years my mother permed, straightened and jheri curled my hair but when I got to college I started my natural hair/lock journey.

Tell us about your hair

My hair is locked and I would say it’s fairly long.

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Are you a less is more girl or a product junkie?

NO I am not a product junkie. I love sticking with core products and try out a few here and there.

What are your staple products?

Natural Oils, Dr. Bonners Shampoo (Tea Tree & Peppermint etc), Homemade conditioners, Suave Coconut…

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