HELLO DEAR READERS! Omg I haven’t written here in a minute! Well, I’m here to talk about Scandal. I feel like Scandal watchers are divided into two main teams: Team Olivia/Olitz and Team Mellie/Mitz?/Fellie? Lol. Then there are the other teams like Team Olake/Jolivia, and there are people that are still shipping Olivia and Edison (LOL you guys need to stop; Edison isn’t even on the show anymore ?@#@#?) and I’ve heard of people that ship Olivia and Harrison (When I just started watching Scandal, I actually thought something would happen between them later in the plot, because I always felt this underlying tension/chemistry between them, but now I’ve realized it’s just Harrison’s serious loyalty. Like is Harrison actually the fuhrst to be loyal in this life!? Lmao every time: don’t question Liv, Liv said so and so, so so and so is final, I’ll handle it, etc. Lol don’t mind me, it’s cute, I won’t lie. I love Harrison. He’s my boyyy. Partly because Columbus Short replied my tweet ((oshey fans)) lol jk I just really love Harrison with his fine boy off and gladiator speeches. Hay I’ve deviated ohh, but before I go back on track, let me just ask one question: AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT SEES THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN HARRISON AND ABBY!? Like it hasn’t been thaaat obvious this season but I KNOW something is eventually going to happen between them, like I can bet half my father’s property on this! I actually thought EVERYONE knew this till one day when I mentioned it by the way when I was talking to my friend and she was like “Nooooo” {Teju, ‘no’ your head there because it is sooo going to happen eventually! Let’s bet! It’s so obvious!} and then I mentioned it to someone else and the person was like “Noooo”. I’m not even arguing. You people will see)

Okay bracket actually closed! Back on track…

I’d like to address Team Mellie. I want to know, Team Mellie, WHAT is your end game? I’m addressing this to a particular segment of “Team Mellie”, the segment that wants what Mellie wants; the segment that wants Olivia out of the picture so that Fitz and Mellie can stay in their marriage in peace. I was discussing this with a few friends on twitter yesterday and I’m just going to restate what I said, “Mellie can NEVER win”. Don’t shake your head, let me explain. I personally think that the possibility of Fitz staying with Mellie is higher than him eventually being-being with Olivia BUT the thing is, Fitz will NEVER love Mellie. He can stay in their sorry excuse of a marriage till they both desiccate but he will never love her, never ever. Teju said love doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, which is true, I guess, to some extent, but when we talk about ‘winning’ from Mellie’s perspective, we need to define what Mellie wants. Mellie wants Fitz. Mellie wants a husband that will be there for her, physically and emotionally. Fitz is hardly ever there for her (I was so happy when he defended her during that interview though. Like if he didn’t, I would have HATED HIM FOR LIFE) and it’s obvious he isn’t in love with her (plus Mellie don’t get nun LOL I’m sorry like I do feel bad for Mellie but it’s the truth) In summary, even if Olivia dies, and Mellie and Fitz “stay together” forever, she still isn’t “winning” because she will never get what she actually wants: her husband’s love. And I feel like it’s come to the stage where Mellie has even admitted this to herself. Like COME ON, she BEGGED Olivia to come and work with them again. She BEGGED HER HUSBAND’S MISTRESS to come back into their lives. How can you still think Mellie is going to “win”? Stahp. Plus now, she’s going to ask Olivia AGAIN to come back now that Phoebe has dropped out (yes, she’s FOREVER Phoebe). ALSO, remember the way Mellie was begging Fitz to be her friend? She knows that he will never be a proper husband to her anymore so she’s asking “Fitz abeg can you give me friendship at least? Abeg. Just friendship!” So if Mellie has resigned, why are you people still fighting? I’m sure you might be thinking that I hate Mellie but I don’t. At all. Before, I was sooo apathetic towards Mellie, like I just didn’t care. I knew she was a SUPER smart, tactical, strong lady and everything but I barely felt any sympathy for her. My own was just that Olivia and Fitz had the truest love on this planet; like the truthiessttttt of the truth lol! I didn’t care because Fitz said one time that it was his (foolish pig of a) dad that basically arranged his whole marriage with Mellie, so I took it that he never loved her. I thought that their whole marriage was built on a political foundation or something, so to me, it was never actually legit-legit, so I used to ship Olitz a lot more vigorously then lol. But with these flashbacks, I’ve begun to feel for Mellie so much! My heart broke when that pig raped her 😦 And in the flashbacks, she and Fitz were actually in love, which was so shocking to me, like they were actually happy-happy and not just the stereotypical “happy” politician and his wife. With all that said, I believe that Fitz doesn’t even deserve Mellie anymore. To me, the only way Mellie can “win” is to get over Fitz, leave him, get her career back on track, and hopefully in the future have an actual happy family. She can get all she wants… just not with Fitz. She needs to stop “wanting” Fitz, she needs to stop bending over backwards to help him out (this re-election business, Fitz hasn’t even done anything for himself! Mellie and Cy have been the joint driving force!). As difficult and painful as it might be, Mellie needs to fashi Fitz once and for all. My nigga is seriously killing her vibe, plus the pain from leaving cannot be close to what she’s going through right now! She is MORE than this! This isn’t an issue of ride-or-die-ness. It’s folly to ride-or-die for someone that would neither ride-nor-die for you.  

As for Olivia (MY GIRRRRRRRRL lol)… Honestly, Scandal makes me sit down and question my morals. I was legit sitting on my bed yesterday evening, doing nothing, just thinking “Chioma, why are you supporting a home-wrecker?” But the thing is you garra take this for what it is, a show (a-show-with-the-best-truest-most-passionate-forbidden-romance evurrr). No matter what team you’re on, you can’t deny the fact that the CHEMISTRY between Liv and Fitz is MINDBLOWING. In my opinion, they have the BEST TV CHEMISTRY… EVER. Like to me, the chemistry is soooo deep that I believe that Tony Goldwyn lowkey (on the lowestestest of keys) has tinyyyy kpengele chiiiinkuli feelings for Kerry Washington in a tiiiiiny place at the bottom of his heart lmao I’m sorry but I can’t help it. That chemistry is too damn real son. Anyways, I digress. I feel like the main reason I love Olitz (with all my heart and soul and flesh and actual being!) is the fact that it’s not just some passionate love-affair; it’s the real deal! (For instance, that new ABC show Betrayal, once I saw the trailer, I concluded I wasn’t even going to bother watching the pilot. It just seemed like it was going to be centered on the typical scrappy love affair. If any Betrayal watchers are reading this, how is the show btw? Is it actually good? If it is, I will check it out; ahh I LOVE shows! ^_^) Sorry, back on track… As Teju said yesterday, Olitz is a fantasy. I agree; I don’t think that they would actually end up together, mostly because of Fitz’s kids – what’s the deal with that anyway? The children basically don’t even exist-exist on the show lmao. At first, I thought they wouldn’t end up together because I mean, he’s the actual President of the U.S, and as frequently as he used to say “I love you, I’m in love with you, I exist for you (ahhhh my very faveee!)”, and all that, there was no weight to his words, because he never did CHOOSE her………………………………………………………………………………….. until that episode when he did, when he finally EARNED her! *and I was literally weeping and hyperventilating on the floor* ( In this scene, he made it CLEAR that Liv wasn’t just his mistress. He was READY to give up EVERYTHING! Like Fitz doesn’t even care about his presidency anymore, that white house means NOTHING to him. Olivia is literally ALL that matters, and as foolish and irrational as that might be, Idc, I embrace it; I embrace it with all my heart lol, because it isn’t JUST an affair and Olivia is not JUST a side-chick. It’s real love, true actual love, and Olivia is the love of his life. He chose her, he keeps ‘choosing’ her in every episode. He isn’t hiding it from Mellie or Cy, nope, he’s made it crystal clear. Olivia IS the love of his life. I’d like to use this opportunity to quote twitter user @SweetAli926, “I am SICK of the moral police. Take the story for what it is. It is a tv show leave YOUR BAGGAGE at the door! #Olitz”. LOL but fr though, in real life, I wouldn’t actually be supporting a home wrecker, but Idk man, I’d rather just enjoy the romance; it makes watching the show wayyy more appealing. You anti-Olitzers stay tweeting “I hate Olivia so much ughhh” EVERY Thursday; me I just stay here weeping and hyperventilating and waiting for my own true love lmaoo.

In conclusion, I want Olivia to end up with Jake at the end of the day because even though Olake is not half as precious as Olitz, I don’t want Liv to end up as that “white-home-wrecker” and Jake does care for her. I want Mellie to leave Fitz and all his damn baggage behind and live the life she yearns for. I just realized that I actually don’t know what I want for Fitz lol. Like in another world, I’d love for him and Liv (the love of his life <3) to end up together, but at the same time… idk idk.

I wonder if anyone actually made it to the end hahaa this was sooo long but thanks for reading/dropping by, and PLEASE I want to know your thoughts! Let’s talk about everything; Huck and Quinn, Eli Pope, Mellie, Olitz, Mama Pope, anything!!! ❤





  1. NO. PLEASE NO. What is that? Jake and Olivia? Please. Just. No. I am #teamOlitz and no matter what people say, I want them to move to vermont, have their kids and live happily ever after. Mellie is SUPER annoying. I do not feel bad for her, and I don’t even know if I can ever feel bad for her. I doubt she knows what she wants honestly, and to some extent I think she is purely there for her own selfish desires. She needs to leave, I agree, but not because fitz doesn’t deserve her, it’s because Liv NEEDS to step in. #Shikena

      • Hahahahahaha! Chiomizzle my bizzle ( I dunno what that means) you have given me a good laugh! Yessss, I made it all the way to the end and I have some very slightly different opinions. Jake and Olivia? Tufiakwa ( God forbid in Igbo language) I can’t even understand that combo. I hate Jake’s role very very much. As in I like his personality and all, yes he is cute and sweet and brave and bla bla bla but I hate that he is trying to chance Fitz. He should park one side please.
        And moral polices, please don’t hunt me down or anything and yes Teju, in the grand scheme of things happiness matters most! If divorcing Mellie and marrying Liv will make Liv, Fitz and I happy; and make only Mellie sad, majority carries the vote jare. I want Liv and Fitz to end up together o. In that fine house *sigh* They are just cute together. Who will send helicopter to come and pick me and take me to him? Chioma I am with you on the “hyperventilating and waiting for my own true love to come”
        Quinn? I don’t know what her deal really is.
        Huck? I am interested is seeing if he will cover Quinn’s secret or not.
        Eli Pope? Why is he so evil? (NB: Liv said Fitz should do whatever he needs to do with her father. will you tell your lover to kill your dad if he needs to? )
        Liv’s mum? is she insane or what? why exactly did her husband lock her away for all these years?
        Anyways…. #TeamOlitz all the way!

      • LMAOOOOOOO Amara you just made me weak! I haven’t heard “chance” in the longest time!
        Hahahaha “majority carries the vote” LOL
        I think Huck is going to cover for Quinn, or he’ll sha find a way of getting her out of B613 (But I want her to die so bad :(( )
        OMG good question! I don’t think I could tell anyone to kill my dad if they had to. But I guess Olivia’s case is different; she probably thinks her dad is a lowkey terrorist or something so he’s dangerous… but mehn, my liver no reach that one
        As for Liv’s mom, adongerrit!! Most people think she’s a terrorist but me I still don’t know what to think!
        Thanks for reading nwannem! ❤

      • Hahahaha… I didn’t mean to make you weak o! I am just being serious… Jake and Olivia isn’t an option biko (please) Liv was meant for Fitzgerald Grant 😀
        As a matter of unfortunate fact, I just rewatched Scandal season 2 episodes 20 & 21..Fitz and Liv are just my ideal pair ooo! Dear God bless me with my own Fitz!!!♡♥♡♥♥♥
        I kinda hope Huck does not cover for Quinn. Ojukokoro(greed/big eye) and unnecessary seeking of attention is what carried her to BC13. She must pay. You shouldn’t sleep with your friend’s enemy!! Quinn knew Charlie was the enemy but no, her gra gra(hyperactivity) did not stop her.
        You think Liv’s mum is a terrorist? I thought she was mentally ill and tried to hurt Liv. I dunno o… We shall find out soon 😀
        Nwannem it was my pleasure reading :*

      • LMAOOO fr though, Quinn’s ojukokoro is tha worst!
        No oh, I don’t think she’s a terrorist but that’s what everyone’s been saying. Me idk what to think!

  2. This show is the bomdigidi!!!!!…i so support team Olitz. I don’t think liv will end up in the white house because just like you said she will be known as the “white house home wrecker”. I really believe that liv will end up with Jake (although i wont like that) but Jake really does care for her. As for Fitz, he most likely not going to win again and will end up alone in a different state or maybe in the house he built for himself and liv. I dont even want to talk about Mellie because i dont know if i feel pity for her or if i think she should just leave and start afresh. I am really beginning to hate quinn soo much and she is for sure going to be in big trouble or already is. She might be killed soon, really soon. Livs dad, mum and the whole B6-13 ish though..Oh LORD!!!!..i cant wait to see what happens. I cant even predict what will happen at this point.

    • LOL!! That rape scene softened my heart too much! I couldn’t not sympathize with Mellie after that (despite all her wahala). Lmaooo that Quinn; I’ve hated her from the first episode! LOL she’s so useless I can’t even! Girl, I can’t wait as well! Eez gon be ottt!
      Haha thanks so much for reading xx

      • Pity for Mellie fire o.. She could have run or screamed or even better broken the whisky glass on the pig’s head or at least told her husband what happened. But no, her political greed did not let her. I’m sure she was even okay with the rape in the end, seeing as she used it to black Senior Mr Grant. I do not like Mellie!! Give the man a divorce let him be with Liv. He does not want the presidency he wants his happiness and that lies with Liv. Most likely yeah, Liv won’t end up with Fitz but I adore their kind of relationship please. It is beautiful. It gives a sister hope for blazing type of love!♥♡♥

      • LOL I know right! It’s soooo beautiful! We’re going to get that, amen! (just not with somebody else’s husband hopefully haha)
        Amara, HABA! You think Mellie let herself get raped!? I thought the scene wasn’t well-executed because it did kind of give that impression, but I don’t think Mellie would go to that extreme! Haba Fitz didn’t even want to run for presidency in the first place, so she didn’t have the need to do that. I feel like he actually raped her, and then after the horrible experience was over, she decided to use it as an opportunity.

  3. I’m caught in between Team Jolivia and Team Olitz. Jake is such a sweetheart, the fact that he’s there risking his life just to be with Liv? That’s love ❤ If it was left to me I would've been long gone. Fitz, on the other hand can be a waste sometimes. To be honest, sometimes I feel very sorry for Fitz, then other days I'm just like: allow that nigga. He's so annoying; with that his stupid "Hi" catchphrase that uses to trap Olivia. Olivia & Fitz are seriously playing with my emotions bruh…I can't even. I really don't understand why I'm supporting a side-chick…maybe because she's just too bad-ass perhaps. People always say she's more than a side chick, but the truth is she isn't married to Fitz…yet. Plus I don't think it's ever gonna happen. I mean taking away the fact that he doesn't love Mellie, he's still got kids! He can't just leave them. When I started watching scandal, I was like 'Why doesn't liv just marry Edison and live happily ever after??' But then I realised she just loves being a side chick plus she loves her stupid hide & seek relationship with Fitz. Fitz could be very scary sometimes 'cos he such a bluddy stalker. He's always calling Olivia, like homeboy needs to chill. There's something called personal space… let me BREATHE, (Flashback to Season 2 – To think that he actually hired Jake to spy on her -_-)
    As for Mellie…she has sacrificed EVERYTHING for Fitz – Her time, her career, her life.. whut?? At this point I just want her to leave Fitz because she's been the one saving his ass from day one. (I lowkey started liking Mellie after that flashback episode) That aisde, Harrison & Abby will NEVER happen. Lawl, like there's no chemistry whatsoever. They're just like 2 parallel lines that will never meet.

    Liv's father is just one big mystery; I mean how does one lock up their wife for 2 decades?! I kept asking myself if what she did was that bad. Oh, and Olivia's mum is scary as hell! I mean who the hell eats their wrist just to find an artery??!! I couldn't watch that part, eww.
    Can I just say that Quinn likes doing aproko manager too much. She's overly inquisitive. I guess she's never heard the phrase – 'sometimes, Ignorance is bliss'. Huck shouldn't have taught her all those hacking/killing techniques. See where I-T-K has gotten her now. She can die for all I care. I just don't want it to affect Liv's team, Shikena.

    • I know!!!!!!!!!! Jake is such a sweetheart!!! I want him for myself LOL.
      Yeah I totally agree with you! Fitz can be annoying but Nooooo that “Hi” does things to me! EVERYTIME he says it, I wriggle vigorously and roll in my bed lmaooo, two letters yet so powerful! Hahaha! But omg you’re right! He never gives her space, I guess it’s bc the love is deeper than normal love lol. But do you know one thing I don’t understand? There are people that hate Olivia sooo much because she’s a homewrecker and all, meanwhile they don’t even hate Fitz like they just don’t care about him. But I don’t get that, because how many times has Olivia tried to walk away from this relationship? So many times! But Fitz NEVER lets her go, Homeboy sent hellecopta & bought her eh mansion! (Ugh so romantic! lol) And I never really liked that Edison sha idk why, he was just ok to me but I knew they had no future
      Chidera, I’m telling youuuuuu! Harrison and Abby are going to happen! Why do you think he’s the most affected when Abby is on the phone with David? Plus in season 2, they always had moments! I can’t be imagining this!!!
      Omg that artery thing was SOOOO disgusting EW. The blood was sooo disgusting, like the blood on Vampire Diaries doesn’t get to me but that one was different. It was just nasty! I really don’t know what her deal is sha but next episode, all will be revealed hopefully!!
      And LOL Quinn needs to die. She just does. Stupid goat.
      Thanks for reading girl! xx

  4. sorry just came across this i know its 2014 and all but am a huge scandal fan so I just have to comment……Okay so yup your stuff was too long you started sounding like LJC’S Mr. Uche after a kidding I made it to the end……Okay I think Fitz and Olivia’s love is great and all but please why do they have to start playing one silly jam any time they show Olitz then Fitz will now try to touch her she ll now say ,’Fitz Fitz dont’ her face will now be looking like that of someone who wants t poo poo abegiiiii…….Okay but that scene of Olitz at Cyrus Beene ‘s baby s christening was MAHDDDDDDDDDDDDDD , I had to download the jam they sang after…”I dont know why” by Stevie Wonder…..
    Personally I sha love Jake he is so sweet and nice and he just loves her even though he knows she loves Fitz….and right now Fitz is pissing me off decking Jake and forming up Jake killed his son when he knows he is just vexed cus Jake and Olivia were on the island together…abeg jare….Jake is actually my husband as in he has sent wine to my people ohhh no body should mess with him..
    I dont care what happens to Olivia ..she is slowly becoming like Elena Gilbert<——–UGHHHHH..okay no one is that badddd……..Even Mellie is annoying me the whole wearing house coat and eating chicken is becoming far sef……
    They should sha leave my Jakey alone……

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