That Time Beyonce’s Album Invalidated Every Criticism Of Feminism EVER

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Beyonce 22

If you don’t know by now, you’ve been living under a rock.

Early Friday morning, Beyonce gave us all a heart attack when she released her self-titled visual masterpiece, Beyonce. And because we weren’t at all expecting it, we basically woke up in complete shock to messages like these:

And really, whose edges didn’t Beyonce snatch? She’s sexy, fun, talented. She’s a visionary — the videos are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are stories built from images. Her voice, as always, is perfection. She proves, once again, that she is the greatest of her time in overall entertainment. But there was something else about this album that caught our attention — something that wasn’t there in 2003’s Crazy in Love or critically acclaimed 4.

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What I’ve learned from playing “Subway Surfers”


Ihunda's musings: Those Little Things


Hiiii! It’s your girl here! You guys, as stale as I am about this, I’m ashamed to admit I might be addicted to “Subway Surfers”. I started playing this game like last week and I won’t say I can’t stop (I really can’t) but I just love it! The jumping over hurdles and on moving trains! Plus getting coins! And that magnet business, dear God. All things I do not (really cannot) do in real life. *sigh. After I spent over an hour at a go playing, I knew I had to come up with something I’ve learned. I mean if it teaches you something, it’s a justified addiction, no? Okay. So here goes;

Avoid illegal business : After I’d just started playing, all the panic and hypertension from the whole adventure business was a lot, considering the fact that I really am not that much of a gamer (NOT…

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The Month That Was

The Kink And I

Hey guys,

How is the going going?

I know it has been a while since I did a proper post.

My Novembers are usually pretty unremarkable, but this year, November was FULL. Yep, that’s why I was M.I.A.

There’s a lot coming up on the blog, we’ll get to everything pretty soon. 😉

I woke up November 1 to hear that results were out! We had been waiting 2 months! It was a great way to start the month, to learn that I had passed the Bar, on my own terms!! I went back to stare at the result page like 20 times after the first time I checked because I somehow couldn’t believe it! Of course, that was the aim- but when it happened, I found myself wanting to keep looking, to keep checking just to be sure.

Shortly after that, I found my way to NYSC Camp. I…

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