Where is my reply?

As Told by Chichi

I’ve been hit with a lightening bolt of wisdom that far exceeds my years. Allow me to enlighten you as you awe at this statement. “Some friendships are like a love-hate relationship between a student and social media during finals week.” Not quite profound, is it? I apologize.

Social media: Why have you abandoned me so?

Student: My darling, my pet, I haven’t, how dare I though?

Social media: But you don’t interact with me anymore, my notifications and reminders, you ignore.

Student: I’m sorry you feel that way; I really do care, as studying is such a bore.

However, the only difference is the sorry rendered by the student is probably genuine, and the student actually replies messages, which leads to the matter at hand. And it isdrumroll please…” Why people don’t reply messages” as I don’t want you to delude yourself into thinking “she/he is playing…

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