Growing Up!

totes relate!

Laughs & Lamentations

This is a deja vous or something haha.  Last week I had just finished Arrow and was so confused a s to what to do with my life so I started this blog lmao. This week I just finished Game Of Thrones. Spoiler Alert. Why did Rob Stark have to die??? Khaleesi is the best… Haha I’m such a story man. I’ll talk more on series later.

Back to the point, yesterday was my birthday and it was nothing special. Not that I mind haha. I wasn’t bothered to convince my parents to let me go clubbing in Lagos because I don’t think that’s happening. Haha I didn’t feel like having a dinner because the venue would have been in the mainland and island guys don’t care haha exceot it’s for woman lol jk. Anyways the point was that I didn’t want to do anything. Some cousins and friends came…

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