Nigerian International Collabs

Laughs & Lamentations

Went to watch Emirates Cup yesterday with my bro and Szymon. £25 to see Arsenal, Villareal, Wolfsburg and Lyon. What a steal. We chose the right side of goal to be at 6 of the 9 goals were at our end. Great goals as well. Also saw Habiba there and she looked lovely as usual. Was great to see her, thank God for Snapchat stories haha, wouldn’t have realised she was there if I hadn’t seen it on her story. So on the note, I ended my last post, I begin my new one. I give you my personal ranking of Nigerian music artistes collaboration with International artistes. What is classified as international and as Nigerian but I shall go ahead.

1. D’Banj: Mr Endowed Remix feat Snoop Dogg

What don’t I love about this song. Nothing. The video was well directed, high quality and sooo fun, Snoop Dogg seemed to…

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