Unbroken Praise!

HELLO! Feels so good to be writing again omg! We’re still in the first month of this new year and I already have ridiculous stories to tell LOL hashtag my life is a big joke for real. Wish I could tell the stories right now but I literally do not have the time 😦  maybe this weekend? Maybe in March after my CPA exam, which I have been doing everything BUT studying for? Let’s see!

Well, for the past few days, Matt Redman’s Unbroken Praise has been stuck in my head and I have no idea why! I didn’t even listen to it or hear it playing anywhere. It randomly popped into my head and I started humming. Didn’t listen to it though- just kept going about my day. But it kept popping into my head over the past two/three days, so when it popped into my head AGAIN today, I decided to just play it and get it over with. (Have you ever read a paragraph with the word “pop” used this many times? 💀)

And now, I can’t stop listening to it–but at the same time, I don’t want to overlisten and get tired of it haha. But I feel like God might be telling me something? Two lines that stick out to me are:

So let my deeds outrun my words

Let my life outweigh my songs

Making this my mantra for the week/month/maybe even year. I’m BIG on actions (Say NO to iMessage paragraphs with no real-life change 🌴) & I hold people accountable for backing up their words with actual moves–so I feel I need to hold myself equally accountable.

Another reason I feel like this is a message is that the past few days of my devotional have centered on humbling oneself and giving God all the praise and glory. So I’ve been trying to nurture a heart full of praise – sounds kind of cliche hahaha but really! Also coincidental that I went to Hillsong with a “special person” 👀  last Sunday, and since it was the last service, they had a little Praise Night right after. It was amazing! I came into that service with an angry and heavy heart; I had just ended one of my most treasured friendships (abi he ended it–me I’m not even sure hahaha)– but I left almost walking on air, with a heart full of forgiveness/remorse…and praise. After that night, the forgiveness/remorse portion has been up and down bc you know these things aren’t easy but I’m trying I’m trying! 😂

Lord, take this life

Let it become your throne

Amen amen and amen ^ I can only imagine how amazing and stress-free my life would be if it were God’s throne. So much direction and purpose, less sufferhead and anxiety.

Praying that this week is going well for everyone! And even if it isn’t, just keep praising and praising! He’s got us for real ❤

P.S. Interested to know how our new year’s resolutions have been going so far by the way?

P.P.S. Listen with meeee: